Serenity Far Infrared Sauna

far infrared therapy sauna Serenity

Serenity Far Infrared Sauna


Height 1940mm
Width 1281mm
Depth 1451mm

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Beauty personified, this stunning therapy cabin will seat three people, creating a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the soothing Mediterranean like warmth, soft music, mood enhancing colour therapy and S.A.D lighting. All our cabins are manufactured from Grade A red Cedar by a caring and skilled workforce to bring to you the very best quality possible at a very realistic price.

It’s not until you look beneath the surface that you realise just how superior our models are, with reflective finishes on the glass to maximise the efficiency of the safe and gentle far-infrared warmth, inbuilt cooling fan to alleviate audio system overheating, in fact with our ceramic heaters you can rest and recline in absolute peace and serenity.

Model Type 3 Person

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