For Women

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For Women


Nutritional support for women
You may be at that time of your life where you find yourself having hot flashes, irregular cycles, bloating, feeling up and down as well as tired and irritable.

Cellogie™ For Women contains plant-based nutrients that, combined, have been shown to effectively minimise menopausal symptoms. The ingredients in Cellogie™ For Women helps to boost Oestrogen activity, facilitates better circulation and lowers stress levels

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Special Offer Expired Best Before Stock (December 2015)
All Bio Granule Tablets are crystallised and will last many years after the best before date. But as they have reached the best before date we are offering these at 50% discount.


Yam root
Soya Seed
Sage leaf
Fenouil bulb
Reglisse racine
Complex B-Meditril

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