MKII Home/Office Unit

air optimiser home office unit medical ioniser

MKII Home/Office Unit


• For group use
• 144 individual settings
• A 2m therapeutic range
• Compact size
• 10 year guarantee

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It’s extended therapeutic range and 2 year manufacturer’s warranty makes the Main Unit the ideal Ioniser for people sharing a bedroom, a large living/work space. The Main Unit Ioniser provides you with the added advantage of an extended 2m therapeutic range when positioned in the centre of a room/office, as well as a vast 75m2 bacteria killing/air cleaning capability.

Unique in its ability to therapeutically treat two people in a bedroom while they sleep with its extensive range of beneficial individual settings. The Main Unit works silently pulsing these tiny biologically active negative ions of oxygen at variable frequencies that can be tailored to your own specific health needs.

“ Working with a patient who has for the last 12 years been suffering with Chronic Asthma, she has been
using Nebulisers, but still getting attacks. She was in a private hospital in a private room when I introduced the Elanra to her for 20 hours a day. Since then she has not needed the Nebuliser or Oxygen neither had an asthma attack since”.

Prof. Gordon Farmer, working 57 years in the health field

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