MKIII Portable Unit

air optimiser portable

MKIII Portable Unit


• Mains or battery
• 32 individual settings
• Cleans air throughout the room with a 1m therapeutic range
• Handy size
• Includes accessories
• 10 year guarantee

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With its unique Treatment Mode and the added benefit of a Sensitivity Setting, enjoy the beneficial negative ions of oxygen in a small room or space.

The Portable Ioniser is suitable for treatment at home, in the office or while travelling. With a 1m therapeutic range, as well as a vast 25m2 bacteria killing/air cleaning capability, the Portable can be used with mains power or 9V battery.

Unique to the Portable is a dedicated Treatment Mode, used to intensify the Ion Field. Also available with this medical device is the Sensitivity Setting suitable for infants and those with allergic reactions. Fully programmable to your specific health and lifestyle, the Portable works silently to pulse these small biologically active negative ions of oxygen at variable frequencies to assist those recovering from illness and those suffering from most common health problems.

“T he first ioniser that creates negative ions small enough to be inhaled could be a huge breakthrough in treating a range of illnesses from asthma and depression to migraine, insomnia and sinusitis”.

Marion McKay, The Daily Mail

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